What’s New in XCC – Release 12.0, October

We are excited to announce that we just finished XCC 12. The new release is now available and includes many new features, widgets, improvements and best practices.

New Features

1. Page Templating / Inheritance
2.Lock Functionality for Widgets
3.Set XCC Page Access to Community Access
4. New Capabilities for IBM Connections Cloud
5. XCC4Communities now in IBM Connections Cloud
6. IFrame Widget in IBM Connections Cloud
7. Full Responsive Layout
8. Text on Widget Title Graphics
9. Localizable Widget Title
10. XCC4Communities with Navigation
11. Embedded Experience Printing

New Widgets

12. ActivityStream Widget
13. Files Explorer Widget with Folder Support
14. My Quicklinks Widget
15. My Notes Widget
16. Teaser Widget
17. Navigation Widget for XCC4Mobile


18. Page Management – Filters
19. Drag & Drop Upload of Files
20. Selected Option for Navigation Widget
21. Page Settings – ‘Advanced section’
22. Direct Saving – Save with CTRL + S
23. Performance & Compatibility
24. Internal Improvements
25. IBM System I support

Best Practices

26. Layout with Parallax Effect
27. Employee Training and Testing with FEB
28. Connections Content Manager (CCM) Widget

Have a look at our presentation and see what’s new in XCC 12:

What’s New in XCC 12 – Release from TIMETOACT GROUP

For technical details check out our full documentation and technical user’s guide:


Technical User’s Guide