What’s New in XCC – Release 10.0, December 11th

We made it! We just finished XCC 10 with lot’s of new features, new widgets, improvements and best practices:

New Features

1. Custom Grids
2. Access Restrictions for XCC Pages
3. Business Cards in XCC Pages
4. HTML Widget with Integrated Code Editor
5. Direct Edit for Customization Files

New Widgets

6. Clipping Widget
7. Community Description Widget
8. Pinned Files Widget
9. My Links Widget
10. Tag Cloud Widget


11. HTML Widget with Increased Code Size
12. Forum Widget with Aggregation
13. Widget Editor with Full Screen Mode
14. More Improvements

Best Practices

15. Unified Navigation for IBM Connections and XCC
16. XCC for External / Guest Users
17. XCC for Communities with Full Page Layout
18. REST Services with HTML Widgets
19. Employee Lists for Anniversaries etc.

Forms Experience Builder Integration

20. FEB – Form Widget
21. FEB – Data Widget

See for yourself: