UAM 4.2 Features and overview

Here is an overview what was changed on the User Access Manager for HCL Connections in the past:

New features in the versions 4.0  to 4.2 

  • Google reCAPTCHA Version 2
  • With new invitations the new external users can be added to an external community immediately
  • For new invitations, an individual expiration date can be defined for the external user, including various reminder e-mails to the admins x days before the expiration date is reached, so that the admins can adjust the expiration date

New features in the versions 3.1 to 3.9

  • Extension of the guidelines (use of term): in case of an updated version, a transition period of X days has been introduced, during which current users can accept the new guidelines before their access is deactivated
  • Extension of the range of functions for administrators, for example resending “set password” mails from the Notes client, deactivating/deleting users from the browser
  • Conversion of all views to XPages including a search field for quick search of external users
  • New, configurable CSV exports of users from the browser
  • Send mass invitations via a new import of external users from a CSV file
  • External users can deactivate themselves
  • Not executed “Forgot password” requests are deleted after x days