Social Intranet with IBM Connections Engagement Center Kick-Starts Sparda-Bank Munich’s Digital Transformation

Sparda-Bank Munich‘s Digital Transformation begins with a Social Intranet based on IBM Connections and the IBM Connections Engagement Center (formerly XCC)

  • Sparda-Bank Munich’s original intranet suffered from knowledge-fragmentation, lack of a company-wide search and hardly any opportunities for exchange among coworkers with strictly top-down communication.
  • edcom’s/ TIMETOACT’s consultants recommended a new technology with a strong social component to meet the apparant need for a virtual, collaborative workplace. Thus, Sparda-Bank Munich introduced IBM Connections and the supplement, the IBM Connections Engagement Center (formerly XCC).
  • Their new intranet “SpardaNet” was created, in which communication and collaboration are interwoven and seemlessly integrated.
  • Instead of confusing employees with a multitude of sources for information, Sparda-Bank Munich now offers a Single Point of Truth; a platform combining and structuring external and internal content.
  • The new Social Intranet supports the collaborative and strength-oriented work. Intuitive structuring of content  and a company-wide search for information or experts makes knowledge exchange more efficient.

Read our Success Story with Sparda-Bank Munich here:

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Customer Statements about XCC

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