CAT – Connections Administration Toolkit (for IBM/HCL Connections)

CAT Overview


List and Manage External Communities


Allow Internal Users to interact with External Users (assign Extended Profile)


List Files shared externally


List and Manage External Users


Content Access Rights


How to manage Communities trash
How to convert a Community to a Subcommunity
How to administer Communities and their members
How to view the effective member list of a Community with groups
How to back up a Community


How to browse and manage all Connections Blogs
How to copy or merge Blogs into a single Blog or into a Community


How to copy or merge forums into a single forum


How to merge or copy several Wikis into a single Wiki or a Community
How to view the effective member list of a Wiki with groups


How to find and manage orphaned content


How to change membership and ownership of Activities
How to view the effective member list of an Activity with groups


How to view and administrate Connections Bookmarks


How to restrict the total filesize an external user is allowed to upload
How to view and administrate the content of a file library
How to use and set file policies for user and community libraries
How to replace a file owner


How to change the UID of a Connections user
How to view the entire content owned by a user that has left the company
How to give a returning user access to their old content by swapping GUIDs
How to delete users from the Profiles database
How to check your directory for user profiles with problems
How to inactivate multiple users in Connections
How to manage interaction with external users
How to check the number of unique users that have logged in to one or more Connections features
How to reset the 'Welcome'-flag for selected or all users

Administration and Configuration


How to update Connections URLs and Connections feature settings
How to enable and disable Connections features
How to configure default preferences and senders for email notifications
Tracking and protocolling changes made to IBM Connections configuration
How to configure for which Connections events email notifications are sent
How to configure languages and enable language preferences for IBM Connections
How to update the IBM Connections version stamp
How to do a quick scheduler health check
How to configure widgets for Communities and Profiles
How to configure oauth for gadgets
How to check the Cummulative Refresh (CR) level


How to change global configuration properties for Communities moderation
How to set global configuration properties for Communities
How to configure the Communities Media Gallery
How to set and change the Communities file policies
How to configure the schedulers for the Communities module


How to modify Activities to meet Company Standards
How to configure and administrate the Activities scheduled tasks
How to change Activities file upload and type limits


How to set global Blogs configuration parameters


How to change global Bookmarks (Dogear) configuration property values


How to set global Files configuration property values
How to change the default maximum size of user and community file libraries
How to change file upload restrictions for personal files
How to configure the available MIME types for Files


How to change global Forums configuration settings


How to change global Metrics configuration properties


How to configure URL previews within Connections
How to change global configuration settings for News


How to change configuration properties for the Mobile application


How to change global configuration properties for the Profiles module
How to add policies for Profile types


How to recreate the Search index
How to configure dictionaries for the Search application


How to view and configure wiki library quotas

The new CAT release is fully compatible with Connections 6.0 CR2. It consists of several improvements to the copy / merge process and the backup process, introduces a customizable CAT title that can be configured for every environment, and helps fix homepage related user issues.


The new CAT-Release for Connections 6.0 and 5.5 is available now! Besides various bugfixes you are now able to schedule Communities backups, set ‘List when restricted’ property, display subcommunities in detail and export communities with all members and their roles!



Release for Connections 5.5, CAT can now access IBM Smartcloud. It contains various bugfixes, you can now view content from Connections Cloud and even copy communities from on premise to the cloud!



Release for Connections 6.0. It contains a host of bugfixes and some new features (for content and administration).



Releases for Connections 5.5 and Connections 5.0. New feature in both releases: member management, expanded merge functions for communities, wikis, forums and blogs



Releases for Connections 5.5 (first CAT release for the new Connections version) and Connections 5.0. New feature in both releases: import / export / copy / merge communities



Release for Connections 5.0: Communities widget management; various bugfixes

Release for Connections 4.5: Import/Export of wikis



Release for Connections 5.0. Content export / import feature; first write actions to Connections databases for converting internal communities to external ones and changing file ownership. New UI, support for Connections 5.0 CR3.



Release for Connections 5.0. Customizable list columns; impersonation for copying / merging content; editing File shares. Support for Connections 5.0 CR2



Release for Connections 4.5. Various bugfixes; Impersonation for copying / merging Wikis; editing File shares.



Release for Connections 4.5. Various bugfixes; Improved handling of Search - Run Background Indexing Task.



Release for Connections 5.0. New XML configuration files; Formbased authentication for REST calls. Support for Connections 5.0 CR1



First release for Connections 5.0.  Support for new Connections 5.0 features (external users, community soft-delete) and configuration properties



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