What’s New in XCC – Release 11.0, April 6th

We are excited to announce that we just finished XCC 11. The new release is now available and includes many new features, widgets, improvements and best practices.

New Features

1. Enhanced Personalization / Personalization 2.0
2. Forms Widget 1.0
3. Media Gallery with Video Support
4. RSS Widget Rich Content and Personalization
5. XCC Admin Dashboard
6. Events Widget with new UI


7. Performance & Compability
8. Widget Titel with Image
9. HTML Widget as Banner
10. Printing Stylesheet for Embedded Experience
11. Configuration Object for Custom Widgets
12. Page Settings
13. Page Management
14. Media Gallery with Caption
15. Fontawesome Update
16. Witget Editor CTRL + Click shortcut
17. CSS, HTML, JS Editor with Find & Replace
18. License Key Model
19. Internal Improvements
20. Full IBM Connections 5.5 compatibility
21. Three Example Layouts for XCC
22. Personalization Attributes

Best Practices

23. Dynamic Content Widget
24. Saved Search Widget
25. Terms of Use Acceptance
26. Project Market Place with FEB
27. Event Organization with FEB
28. Topic Subscription with Information Push

Have a look at our presentation and see what’s new in XCC 11: