New CAT Release: Member Management, Expanded Merge Functions

We just released a brand-new version of our Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) for Connections 5.0 and 5.5. Next to support for CR4, the new version contains many bugfixes, member management for all Connections features, and the option to copy or import only parts of a wiki, community, blog, or forum.

New version: CAT_5.0.0_ 20160802-1941

New Features

  • Member Management for all features
  • Copy / Merge / Import: choose whether to copy the entire feature, or only selected entries / pages / widgets
  • Support for CR4
  • New J2EE Roles:
    – ROLE_READ_ONLY: Users with this role can only view CAT, but not perform any save-actions
    – ROLE_MANAGER: Users with this role can manage members for all views in the ‘Content and Access’ area
    – ROLE_CONTENT_DELETE: Users with this role may delete, purge, and restore items in all views in the ‘Content and Access’ area

Changes to CAT_5.0.0_20160119-1354


  • Firefox display bug: Fixed bug where filtering for names with whitespace returned ‘%20’ and did not work anymore
  • License key popup: Entering an empty string as license key starts CAT in demo mode
  • Result lists: Fixed bug where using the ‘Select All’ checkbox on lists > 50 items takes a long time
  • Communities Purge: fixed bug where communities couldn’t be purged if deleted via Connections UI
  • Copy / Merge Activities: fixed bug where assigned user and due date were not copied
  • Broken Profiles: fixed various bugs
  • Wikis Export: fixed bug where export exported an empty zip-file
  • Administration – General – Services: fixed bug where https-URL in the regular URL column shut down the copy/merge process


  • In item details: link to the item in Connections
  • Merge operations: Creation date listed to distinguish into which community / forum / … should be merged in case of equal names
  • Copy / Merge / Import: Choose individual entries / topics / widgets to merge instead of the entire item
  • Member management: implemented for all features except for Bookmarks
  • Member management: ‘Remove All Members’ option for individual items in the Members-tab
  • At Mentions: fixed bug for null-values in at-mentions

Content – Activities

  • Copy / Merge / Import: Fixed bug where some attachments didn’t get copied correctly
  • Copy / Merge / Import: Copy due date and assigned user
  • Copy / Merge / Import: Copy content that was created by drag-and-drop via the Notes plugin

Content – Blogs

  • Member management: Add and remove members, change member role
  • Copy / Merge / Import: CAT tries to copy the likes if the Connections impersonation API allows.

Content – Communities

  • Import: Fixed bug for ‘All Day’ Events
  • Purge: fixed bug where communities couldn’t be purged if deleted via Connections UI
  • Export Resultlist: Fixed bug where the Creation Date got exported as a number value instead of a readable date
  • Community Templating: New button where you can select a community to use as template

Content – Files

  •  Result List: view whether the file has been shared with other users or not

Content – Forums

  • Copy / Merge / Import: Optionally add the original forum the copied topic came from to the topic name
  • Member management: Add and remove members

Content – Wikis

  • Member management: Add members

User Management – By User

  • Export Resultlist: Properties like ‘Last Login’ and ‘Last Modified’ get exported

User Management – Broken Profiles

  • Fixed bugs
    – Pagination of the result list
    – Filter not working
    – Export Resultlist exporting everything
    – Column sorting
  • Result list: Added reason for why the profile appears as a broken profile

To download the new CAT release, visit us at our CAT Community at Greenhouse.