New CAT Release for IBM Connections

A new CAT-Release for Connections 6.0 and 5.5 is available now! The new CAT release is fully compatible with Connections 6.0 CR2. It consists of several improvements to the copy / merge process and the backup process, introduces a customizable CAT title that can be configured for every environment, and helps fix homepage related user issues.

New Version (Connections 6.0): CAT_ 6.0.0_20180827-1320

New Version (Connections 5.5): CAT_ 5.5.0_20180828-1030


New Features

  • Export and import member lists of communities / activities / …
  • Backups: Backup rotation
  • Import / Copy / Merge: (De)Select all items in target hierarchy
  • Import / Copy / Merge: replace community file / wiki links in entire community
  • Customize CAT for every environment
  • Filters: Typeahead searches for anywhere in the word; improved filter options
  • Usermanagement: deal with duplicate GUID in homepage
  • Communities export: choose whether to export subcommunities, too


  • Usermanagement: delete multiple inactive user profiles
  • Deleted wiki pages do not get exported (and imported)
  • Orphaned Content: wikis are now displayed again
  • Blogs: Export Blog is now possible again
  • Blogs: pictures can be copied again
  • Forums: Topics of target forum do not get copied again when merging another forum into it
  • Database compatibility with Oracle and MSSQL

Usermanagement – By User

  • Fixed issue: delete multiple inactive user profiles
  • Duplicate GUID in Homepage: let CAT fix the problem

Content and Access

  • Export list of members (including roles) to CSV
  • Import members from CSV
  • Export Resultlists: all table columns get exported, item URL gets exported

Content and Access – Backups

  • Backup rotation (retain X backups before the oldest gets overwritten)
  • Fixed issue: MSSQL could not handle new scheduler table

Content and Access – User Data

  • Fixed issue: replacing ownership of community files should not be possible

Content and Access – Blogs

  • Filter by blog handle
  • Fixed issue: error message when exporting Blogs
  • Fixed issue: Blog pictures did not get copied when target blog does not have REST RunAs User as owner
  • Fixed issue: merging of huge blogs causes browser JS timeout

Download (Connections 6.0) CAT_ 6.0.0_20180827-1320

Download (Connections 5.5) CAT_ 5.5.0_20180828-1030