New CAT Release for IBM Connections 6.0

A new CAT-Release for Connections 6.0 is available now! The new new release focuses on GDPR and holds several bug fixes.

New Version (Connections 6.0): CAT_6.0.0_20190118-1805

New Features

  • Full support for Richtext Content widgets (display, copy, merge, import, export)
  • GDPR support functions of IBM Connections 6.0 CR4
  • Progress popup for exporting communities
  • Display internal / external status in all feature databases for a user
  • Copy / import communities: Automatically assigns a larger policy if the standard policy is not large enough


  • Convert internal community to external does not work with files / wiki pages in trash
  • Convert internal community to external does not convert all folder libraries
  • Assigning policies to a community sometimes does not work
  • Forums: restore deleted replies now works again
  • Copy / Merge / Import / Export: ignore deleted content
  • Wikis: wiki page tags sometimes cause the copying / importing process to abort
  • User Data: Prevent ‘Replace Owner’ in community files
  • Communities: wrong library size displayed
  • Administration – General Configure: Properties cannot be saved
  • Administration – General Configure: Saving properties does not generate a log entry
  • Forums: delete replies not working