New CAT Release for HCL Connections 6.0. and 6.5. available

A new CAT-Release for Connections 6.5 is available now!

New Features

  • Convert external users to internal
  • Copy / Merge: Automatically add „Originally Posted By” for content of inactive users
  • Wikis Export in readable HTML format
  • Support for Connections 6.5
  • Export of Files and their versions
  • Add widget to all communities


  • GDPR anonymize: replace other Profiles columns like surnames, too
  • Backup Schedulers: No immediate start when CAT is started so that it doesn’t prevent the application startup
  • Export Members: fixed bug where export failed with more than 50 members
  • Copy / Merge / Import Forums: Fixed bug where answered topic became unanswered due to the chosen reply having a URL to replace
  • Copy / Import Community Events: Impersonation for the events
  • New Installation: fixed that SSL format gets displayed as TLSv1.2, but internally TLSv1 was used
  • Copy / Import Communities: Duplicate subfolders
  • Copy / Import Blogs: Pictures sometimes did not get copied with 401 messages
  • Import Forums: Fixed where zip-file could not be uploaded
  • Updated Connections documentation links
  • Searchbox: allow for whitespace
  • Administration – General – Notification (Events): fixed Bug where the view was not displayed correctly
  • Broken Profiles view not visible anymore
  • Missing images while importing into existing blog