Custom ICEC for thyssenkrupp AG

The digitization of society and the technological progress are changing the labor market at an accelerating pace. Processes are optimized, companies are encouraged to new communication solutions. thyssenkrupp AG has recognized this and therefore relies on the know-how of TIMETOACT, which has since repeatedly supported the industrial group, headquartered in Essen, in the execution of projects. A significant change was made with the introduction of ICEC – an IBM Connections-based extension of the social intranet. This resulted in a large number of individual solutions, of which the highlight was CxO Connect – a tool that enables direct communication with the Management Board.

Key Components:

CxO Connect
Especially in the digital age, the focus is on the human being. Leadership 4.0 is based on trust and communication at eye level. TIMETOACT manages this with the help of CxO Connect (“direktzuĀ®”) for thyssenkrupp AG. A basis of trust is created that motivates the employees to actively participate in the business.

Custom ICEC
With the expansion of the social intranet we.connect based on IBM Connections with ICEC, TIMETOACT sets new standards in terms of collaboration and communication for thyssenkrupp AG. Continuously optimized and improved, the platform adapts to the requirements of thyssenkrupp AG and thus combines knowledge management, file storage and company-wide interaction for the company.

Further Highlights
Whether updates directly from the fair, an improved visualization of the training concept and the optimized display of news thanks to Video Channel Widget. Within shortest time and according to individual wishes, TIMETOACT develops projects for thyssenkrupp AG that make every-day working life easier.