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Look at our customer statements, videos and success stories about XCC (please note that some content is in german)

Customer Statements about XCC

Download (PDF, 1.06MB)

Video: Carolin Strunk (Ostdeutscher Sparkassen Verband) about using IBM Connections and XCC

Video: Manfred Meindl (VAUDE) presents "Social Intranet mit IBM Connections" at IBM BusinessConnect 2014 in Berlin

Video: Lisa Macher (VAUDE) about "Hybrid aus Intranet und Social Collaboration Tool"

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Success Story: Social Intranet der OstseeSparkasse Rostock

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Success Story: Raiffeisenbankgruppe Vorarlberg setzt auf strukturiertes Social Intranet

Download (PDF, 348KB)


Success Story: An Intranet everyone can participate in: The travel provider Berge & Meer uses IBM Connections and XCC

Download (PDF, 437KB)


Success Story: Lapp Group provides integrated Social Intranet

Download (PDF, 170KB)


Success Story: Generating Content Has Never Been This Easy - Social Intranet at VAUDE

Download (PDF, 1.27MB)


What our customer say - Overview

  • “XCC revolutionized our Intranet entirely! Now, relevant content can be populated completely intuitive within seconds and is globally accessible. It is a real innovation.” - Eva Martinez Organizational Development Lapp Holding AG
  • "IBM Connect 2014 confirmed for me that the choices we made regarding IBM Connections and to combine it with your product, the Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections were the right decisions and we will stick to that.” - Til Nieuweboer, Manager Operations at ING Insurance
  • “In order for Pilz Connections to succeed, it was important to offer all employees simple and clear first steps into the world of social business. The TIMETOACT solution enabled us to avoid reservations and acquaint users with the concept of knowledge management.” - Jürgen Fischer Project Manager Communication and Collaboration Services, Pilz GmbH & Co.KG
  • "VAUDE has had an conventional intranet with a web content management system. It worked OK for our internal communications. However, the content from line of business outdated / decayed quickly. We were therefore looking for an alternative Intranet platform. As a medium sized company we wanted to avoid running multiple platforms for communication and collaboration. We were searching for an integrated or hybrid intranet platform that spans collaboration, knowledge management and internal communications. IBM Connections convinced us as a superior collaboration and knowledge management platform.” - Manfred Meindl Manager Intranet and Online Marketing
  • “I am putting together our budget for FY2015, and would like to receive a quote to purchase the Connections Administration Toolkit. We have had such great luck with XCC, that I would like to see if CAT can help us as well.” - US Government Customer with “no public reference” policy. Willing to talk to potential customers, ask for contact information.
  • "IBM Collaboration Services is excited to partner with TIMETOACT to bring their Content Management Extension for IBM Connections to our customers as an IBM Collaboration Services App. This innovative solution brings additional value to an IBM Connections environment, allowing our customers to elegantly integrate their internal communication’s content into their social business platform. IBM and TIMETOACT together, a partnership to accelerate social business." - Jason Roy Gary, CTO Enterprise Solutions, IBM
  • “XCC brings internal communication on a whole new level. With gathering most valuable content in one place and presenting it in modern way, XCC helps to increase users' awareness about company's life and improves onboarding process for new employees.”- Marcin Kasa, IT Support, Axxiome Group 
  • “XCC is a congenial extension of IBM Connections which increases user acceptance substantially.” - Wolfgang Ponesch, CEO RRZ Informatik, Raiffeisen Mutual Savings Bank Bregenz 
  • “XCC can be implemented easily and flexible. It's interesting for all companies that deem portal solutions as too expensive, but still don't want to miss out on a structured interface in IBM Connections.” - Sven Bradtke, IT Department, OstseeSparkasse Rostock 
  • “We have never been able to evaluate any collaboration add-on product as fast as XCC.” - Georg Probst, Director Business Engineering Infrastructure, Lantal 


08.2012 Release 1.0

  • IBM Connections 3.0

05.2013 Release 2.0 Beta (Limited Availability)

  • Connections 4.0 
  • Activity Stream on Homepage

10.-12.2013 Release 2.0, 2.01 - 2.03 (General Availability)

  • Connections 4.0 & 4.5 
  • Personalization Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Performance Increases
  • Personalization for Custom Profile Fields

01. & 02.2014 Release 3.0, 3.01 - 3.02

  • Improvements & Bug fixes
  • New Widgets
  • Mobile Grid Layout

03.2014 Release 4.0

  • Extended Page Management Capabilities
  • UI & Performance Improvements

04. & 05. 2014 Release 4.1 & 4.5

  • Atom & RSS Feed Widgets
  • List and Overview News Widgets
  • People Finder Widget
  • Backend & UI Performance
  • Breadcrum Path & Navigation
  • UI Enhancements
  • Multilingualism

08.2014 Release 5.0

  • IBM Connections 5 Support
  • Ideation-Blog Widget
  • Picture Widget
  • Import and Export of XCC page
  • XCC uses database to store your settings

10.2014 Release 6.0

  • Personalized Home Page
  • Forum Widget
  • People Selector Widget
  • Picture Slider in Embedded Experience
  • Stand-Alone Blogs and Wikis

12.2014   Release 7.0

  • Suggestions Widget
  • Profile Completion Widget
  • Intranet Preferences Widget
  • Popular Content Widget
  • Many more…

03.2015 Release 8.0 

  • XCC for IBM Connections Cloud
  • XCC for Communities
  • XCC for Anonymous Users
  • News Aggregation
  • News Slider
  • Navigation Widget
  • “Saved Search” Widget
  • Mobile Apps Improvements
  • Files Widget: Search Capability and Hide File Details
  • Widget Source Selection Improved
  • UI & Performance Improvements

07.2015 Release 9.0

  • XCC Cloud for IBM Connections Cloud
  • FlyOut Page
  • Custom Widgets API
  • Client-Side-Caching
  • Gallery Widget
  • Community Overview Widget
  • Profile Tagging Widget
  • Profile Picture Widget
  • Onboarding Wizard

12.2015 Release 10.0

  • Custom Grids
  • Access Restrictions for XCC Pages
  • Business Cards in XCC Pages
  • HTML Widget with Integrated Code Editor
  • Direct Edit for Customization Files
  • Clipping Widget
  • Community Description Widget
  • Pinned Files Widget
  • My Links Widget
  • Tag Cloud Widget

04.2016 Release 11.0

  • Enhanced Personalization / Personalization 2.0
  • Forms Widget Release 1.0
  • Media Gallery Widget with Video Support
  • Atom / RSS Widget with Rich Content and Personalization
  • XCC Admin Dashboard
  • Events Widget 2.0

Visit or our XCC Community on IBM Greenhouse for more information and for download and testing.

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