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LIKE MY IDEA community consists of members involved in lean management and continuous improvement process. There are two roles in LIKE MY IDEA community:

  • Owners – managers who have the right to change the structure of the community, to participate in the process of idea approving, adding new members, etc.
  • Members – employees who participate in means of their contribution by providing ideas, voting, commenting, etc.

There is a possibility for flexible creation of sub-communities intended for proposing the idea towards organizational or thematic units, either other needs of the organization. On Ideation blog members can contribute their ideas in relating sub-communities. Within a Community environment, it is also possible to open the Forum to gather feedback from members, create a Blog on a particular topic, share documents via application Files, share a useful link thank to the Bookmarks or collaboratively work in a web content within the application Wikis.

All of the above mentioned are Connections widgets.

On the other hand, there are several widgets and features of the LIKE MY IDEA App in Connections. Gamification with LMI Points and different Badges, visible on the Profile page, is a functionality with the purpose of motivating and rewarding employee innovation and contribution.

With the LMI Vote Threshold owners are able to define a number of Community members’ votes that idea needs to collect in order to reach the approval phase.

Idea challenge widget facilitates gathering the best ideas and suggestions from employees, customers or partners on some specific topic within defined time frame.

Members can add a particular Community to their Favourite Communities,  which are listed in a widget located on the Home page.

There is also a possibility for the members to propose the idea as anonymous user, while owners can archive the idea to ensure greater visibility and transparency of the main community as well as categorization when there are a lot of ideas within the main community.

Owing to Idea versioning, Community members are informed about all the changes that the idea author has made on the original text.

Transparency and reporting of members’ activities and their ideas, in graphical form, within the Community is provided by LMI Metrics (e.g. who are the “Top Contributors”, “Top Idea Presenters”, “Favorite Authors”, which are the “Most Active Categories”,…), as well as the scoreboard Check the best LMI ideas (representing the best ideas) and Leaderboard(representing best ranked members), both placed on the Home page.

IBM BPM (Business Process Manager) part of LIKE MY IDEA platform consists of LMI Inboxintended for idea approving process and follow up KPIs, which in total represent a process of continuous improvement on lean fundamentals. During the idea approval process, managers can select both the method/criteria by which they want to evaluate certain idea and the users in charge of task execution.  Evaluation board can either accept or reject ideas, discuss the approved ideas furthermore on Connections Forum, redesign the exact ideas, and in the end, delegate the task of their implementation.

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