New CAT Release for Connections 5.0 CR3

The new CAT version CAT_5.0.0_20150807-1644 does not only offer full support for Connections 5.0 CR3 and its configuration properties, but it also has many new and exciting features. We have created a new user interface for better handling, released the export / import feature, and for the first time we start writing into Connections databases.

New CAT features at a glance:

  • New and improved user interface
  • Full support for IBM Connections 5.0 CR3, including the new configuration parameters in Activities, Mobile, and LotusConnections-config.xml
  • Change file ownership
  • Convert internal communities to external communities
  • Import / Export of Activities, Blogs, Forums, and Wikis
  • Impersonation for copying / merging / importing Activities, Blogs, Forums, and Wikis as long as formbased authentication is activated


Changes to CAT_5.0.0_20150409-1417


  • Copying / Merging Activities: Mails dragged into the activity from the Notes plugin are copied correctly
  • Copying / Merging Blogs: drafts are not copied anymore
  • Copying / Merging Forums: @mentions can be copied; Umlaute are posted correctly; ‘Originally Posted By’ will be copied into forum replies again
  • Removed the Activity Stream / Microblogging configuration properties in LotusConnections-config.xml which do not exist anymore in Connections 5.0
  • Fixed empty CSV-export of Files
  • Setting File Library and Wiki policies in the details popup is possible again
  • Fixed wrong LDAP-uid to logged-in user display name mapping


  • Improved CSV-export of result lists – choose the file ending for better Excel support
  • Upload plugin zip-files directly in the CAT user interface
  • Display scheduler status on all nodes

Content – Activities

  • Import / Export Activities as zip-file

Content – Blogs

  • Import / Export Blogs as zip-file

Content – Communities

  • Convert restricted, internal communities to external communities
  • New tab ‘Widgets’ in the details popup: View the currently activated widgets of the community, and their content

Content – Files

  • Transfer ownership of stand-alone files

Content – Forums

  • Import / Export Forums as zip-file

Content – Wikis

  • Import / Export Wikis as zip-file


To download the new CAT release, visit us at our CAT Community at Greenhouse.